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О факультете

Флаг физико-математического факультета БГПУ

Физико-математический факультет – один из старейших факультетов БГПУ. Первый набор на специальности «Физика», «Математика» был в 1947 году.
В настоящее время набор абитуриентов осуществляется на специальности: "Математика и информатика", "Физика
и информатика"
. Продолжительность обучения – 4 года.

Physics and Mathematics Faculty

Our contacts:
18 Sovetskaya St. , 
Minsk 220030, Belarus

ph. +375 (17) 200-22-85; 
       +375 (17) 327-79-13

  • https://fmath.bspu.by/
  • E-mail: phys_mat@bspu.by

Education process is carried out by the departments:

  • Mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics
  • Informatics and methods of teaching informatics
  • Physics and methods of teaching physics
  • Information technologies in education

Full-time faculty staff

  • 6 Doctors of Sciences, 25 Candidates of Sciences and 31 lecturers.

Training is conducted in the following specialties:

Bachelor's degree

  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Physics and Informatics

Master's degree

Theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing
(mathematics, physics, computer science)

  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Scientific and education centers:

  • Republican Resource Center for Educational Robotics
  • Virtual Resource Education Center
  • Planetarium

Main research areas of the departments:

  • Physical materials science for photoelectric conversion systems and microelectronics
  • Information technologies in teacher training
  • Innovative education technologies in training informatics teachers
  • Educational Robotics

On the basis of the faculty an annual International Scientific and Practical Conference “Physical and Mathematical Education: Goals, Achievements and Prospects” is held.

Conference devote to the actual problems of physics, mathematics and computer science, the problems of teaching physics, mathematics and computer science at school and university. Issues of content, quality of knowledge, organization of research and independent work, use of information technologies in teaching physics, mathematics, methods of teaching mathematics, computer science and physics are considered.

Our faculty currently takes part in the Erasmus+ “Capacity Building in Higher Education” project “Innovative ICT Education for Social-Economic Development” (5 Belarusian and 4 European universities universities are involved in the project).

We are open for cooperation in the research areas of mutual interest, we are also interested in an experience exchange in the field of future math and computer science teachers training.

Кафедры факультета:

кафедра математики и методики преподавания математики БГПУ кафедра математики и методики преподавания математики БГПУ кафедра математики и методики преподавания математики БГПУ

516 ауд. (тел. 327-87-29)

515 ауд. (тел. 327-82-02)

509 ауд. (тел. 327-78-05)

510 ауд. (тел. 327-77-83), 511 ауд. (тел. 226-44-80) - 2 корпус; 210 ауд. (тел. 200-97-06) - 3 корпус

кафедра физики и методики преподавания физики БГПУ

301 ауд. (тел. 327-89-19) - 3 корпус 

Кафедра информационных технологий в образовании физмата БГПУ

Тел. 200-89-14,  327-78-69



г. Минск, ул. Советская, д.18

Деканат - каб. 311(корпус 2), 
+375(17) 200-80-62, 327-79-13.

Группа физико-математического факультета БГПУ